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Discover the World of WearableArt through our content hub.

Discover the World of WearableArt through our content hub

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10 Reasons to Escape to the BEYOND in 2023

World of WearableArt

Whether you caught the spectacular WOW Show in 2022 or are a curious fan unsure if it's for you, here's 10 reasons you won't want to miss the 2023 World of WearableArt Show: BEYOND!

1. BEYOND is an incredible theme

Every year is different, and this year is set to be spectacular. Executive Creative Director Brian Burke and Show Director Malia Johnston are taking audiences into the BEYOND - summoning six unique, futuristic and fantastical planets inspired by the competition sections and 100’s of incredible finalist garments. Think retro-future, ethereal performance, live music, mesmerising aerial displays, creative shapeshifting and hundreds of performers, dancers and models.

2. Audiences love WOW  
“Gorgeous!  Outstanding!  Otherworldly!"
"A smorgasbord of colour, texture, shape, and imagination.”  
“A fantastical escape blending fashion and art.”
“It was going to be a one-in-a-lifetime experience, but now I want to go again and again.”
“It is spectacular - a vibrant, energetic and eclectic show with something for everyone - male, female, young and old.”
“Like Cirque du Soleil meets art! It was amazing!”
2022 WOW Show, finale
3. Escape into a world of awe

Heard about the concept of ‘glimmers’ and the positive impact of awe? Basically, a trip to WOW is good for you! Escape, be inspired, laugh and delight in the magic of the multi-discipline creative collisions and total joy of the finale.

4. Accessible ticket prices

Not feeling flush right now? A night at WOW may take you beyond earth, but it doesn't have to cost it. Our C Reserve tickets are available from $69, and there are discounted prices on all ticket types across our two Preview shows (20 & 21 Sept).

5. Make a day and night of it

Go BEYOND in Wellington and enjoy all kinds of special offers, events and treats at the city's wonderful retailers and eateries. From delicious, themed cocktails and pre-show bites to special discounts or bubbles and meet the maker while you shop, this is an event that bursts beyond the arena walls.

Documental, Bethany Cordwell, Australia
6. Art and design that reflects today's world

The global design competition at the heart of WOW truly takes art off the wall and onto the moving body. The garments are not only delightful to look at but speak to local and global issues and trends – everything from mental health and fast fashion to oppression and the environment.

7. New release of Awards Night Platinum tickets!

Be there Awards Night to celebrate our amazing designers! We’ve just done the final release of the highly popular Platinum seats for the Awards Night show on Friday 22 September. Get in fast as these will sell out again!

2016 WOW Show, Bizarre Bra Section
8. Bizarre Bra's back, alright!

This year sees the popular return of WOW audience fav Bizarre Bra. This means more garments and bucketloads of joy.

9. All that glitters is Gold

Don your best jewels friends, because this year's WOW Show will see the TSB Arena dripping in Gold for one of this year's feature sections. Just picture it: a stage inspired by this most regal of materials, filled with performers and glimmering world-class garments. Magic.

10. Not one but five feature artists

Five extraordinary Aotearoa artists will perform alongside a cast of over 100 dancers, aerialists and singers, elevating the 2023 WOW Show to dazzling new heights as audiences are taken on a journey into a futuristic world.

Hawai’i / Aotearoa Indie R&B artist Deva Mahal and her sister Folk R&B artist Zoe Moon; Aotearoa choreographer and dancer Taiaroa Royal; Wellington-based actor, singer and performing artist Jaxson Cook; and Melbourne-based Aotearoa DJ, AROHA (Aroha Harawira) will take the stage as this year’s WOW feature performers.

Ready go BEYOND?

Tickets on sale

The World of WearableArt (WOW) Show: BEYOND sees the stage come alive with incredible works of wearable art, dancers, aerialists, music, lights, and AV.

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