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Deadly Beauty, Zhang Xi, Donghua University, China

Preparing to send your garment

It’s an exciting time when you receive the invitation to send your garment to WOW for First Judging. From this stage onwards there will be many model fittings, rehearsals, and performances. This guide covers everything from creating permanent labels, providing detailed dressing instructions, to the best practices for packaging your garment, guaranteeing its safe arrival. Learn essential steps you can take to assist us in caring for your garment, ensuring that our team presents it impeccably to the judges.


The label for your garment needs to include the Garment Name, Section Theme, and Designer(s) Name. Find a place to position your label so it is not seen when the garment is worn. It must not be visible as we don’t remove these from the garment.

Attach the label in the centre back of each component by stitching or ironing it on. If that is not possible, use a safety pin to attach the label. We recommend using school clothing kits as they are great as they are a good size and easy to read. If you’re using a pen to label, laundry markers are great so the ink doesn’t run or rub onto the garment or the model's skin.

Each component of your garment needs a label and if they look similar you can use clear wording such as ‘right arm,’ and ‘left arm.’ Please remember when naming your shoes to put the label on the inside of the shoe and not on the under sole as this can be seen when the model walks across the stage.If your entry needs more than one model, you also need to label each garment, and component, like this: Model 1 of 3; Model 2 of 3; Model 3 of 3.

label example
Label example from: Glistening Gothic Tracery, Colleen Muscha & Christina Marullo, United States
labelling example
Label example from: Madame Paon Doré, Veritée Hill, United States

Dressing instructions

We know how much time, effort and passion can go into creating a garment for WOW so it is imperative that we do your entry justice and present it correctly. Concise and clear dressing instructions, assisted by well labelled components, will direct the wardrobe team and WOW dressers as to how your garment should be worn.

Important notes to include in your dressing Instructions:

  • List the components of your garment in the most logical order that they go onto the body.
  • Include advice on dressing techniques. This is helpful especially if there is a trick or it is not obvious how to dress the components your garment includes.
  • Adding photos of your garment in stages, as each component is dressed, is best. Please include full-length, colour photographs of your completed garment from all angles – the front, both sides and the back.
  • If you know the height or measurements of your ideal model then please include that information too.
  • If your entry consists of more than one garment, ensure the instructions are very precise as to which garment each component belongs to.

Here is an example of excellent Dressing Instructions.

Garment care

The WOW Wardrobe team takes the utmost care of each garment. If the components of your garment are not washable, it is very helpful to add undergarments or removable sweat pads. If you have any particular advice about cleaning or maintaining your garment, please include this information with the dressing instructions.

Spare parts & repair kits

These are worth their weight in gold; please provide wherever possible. If you are unable to send glues, paints, etc., include a paint swatch or provide specific details of the product/s used. If your entry has pantyhose or similar parts, we recommend sending more than one pair, ideally three pairs. Batteries need to last the entire show and rehearsal period so we recommend sending spares.


It is important to pack your garment carefully and securely so that it arrives in Nelson, New Zealand looking the same as when it left your studio. It is important to use the correct box size, packing materials, wrap each component individually to avoid rubbing, and ensure your package is clearly labelled. Here are our top tips on how best to package your entry.

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