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Entry information

The World of WearableArt Competition invites designers and creators from around the globe to create the unimaginable, challenge the conventional and defy creative expectations. For over 30 years, finalists' extraordinary works of art have then come to life in the spectacular annual WOW Show.

Call of the Kōkako, Stephanie Cossens, New Zealand

Enter the competition

The first thing you will need to do is create your Designer Profile. This doesn’t commit you to anything, but it gets you ready and is the first important step on your journey with WOW. You will also be able to join our online Designer Forum once you have registered, and we will send you helpful reminders.

Designer events

If your garment makes it through to the finals and therefore into the annual WOW Show, you will be invited to join us in Wellington, New Zealand to see your creation perform on the WOW stage in front of many thousands of people. You will also be able to participate in exclusive designer events which include guest presenters and bespoke workshops.