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Competition Process

Entering the World of WearableArt Competition takes you on a journey that is unique, exciting and fast moving. If you are considering entering for the first time – or coming back to us after a few years away – take time to review this page first. Here we give you an overview view of the journey. From creating your garment, to shipping, selection, judging and of course, attending the show in Wellington, New Zealand! You are able to explore each of these steps in detail, but first take a look at the overall process.

This Is the Pyrocene, R. R. Pascoe, Australia
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Competition Journey

From the spark of an idea, to appearing on the WOW stage - here is the journey of a WOW designer.

Create your

Designer profile

Simply set up an online profile, to register as a designer. After this you can also join our Facebook designer community if you wish.


Complete your

Intention to enter

  1. Let us know you are going to be submitting an entry. That way we can keep in touch with you on updates and deadlines.
  2. Choose which section you want to enter and think about award options.
  3. Create a working title for entry. These last two steps can be edited any time before your final entry.

Submit your entry

Online by the closing date

  1. Your garment must be completed.
  2. You will need to enter its name, inspiration story and details of the materials you used.
  3. Upload your photos & videos.
  4. Decide how you will freight it to us if selected.

Notification of


You will then be notified if your entry has been preselected for First Judging.



your entry

Find out about your freighting options and send your garment to Nelson, New Zealand.


First judging

in Nelson

  1. You will be notified if you qualify as a finalist for awards and therefore will appear in the show.
  2. If your garment is not selected, your garment will be returned to you by the same freight method you sent it to us.

Decide if you'll

Attend the show

All finalists receive a ticket to the show and you can be part of our exclusive Designer Events.


final Judging

& Awards night

Time to celebrate!


Top award-winning

Entries acquired by WOW

These garments are usually acquired into the WOW historic collection and profiled in special events.


All other

entries returned

We send all other garments home.


Together we can create

Something extraordinary

For over 35 years WOW has invited designers to create the unimaginable, challenge the conventional, and defy creative expectations. These sensational works of art are then brought to life on the WOW stage in the most extraordinary spectacle.

Ready to enter

The competition?

Once you have created your WOW Designer Profile, submit an entry to the competition by following the 3-Step process.