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Madame Paon Doré, Veritée Hill, United States

Sending your garment

When your garment is finished, labelled and packed, and you have completed your online application, it is time to send it to WOW! There are a number of ways to get your precious cargo to us, depending where you are in the world.

Mainfreight Sponsored Freighting

Mainfreight supports domestic and international designers by offering free freighting of garments to and from World of WearableArt HQ in Nelson, New Zealand.

Mainfreight sponsored freighting is available for designers in  Australia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam.

While the freighting cost is sponsored, there is a subsidised handling/customs fee to be paid by international designers. Drop-off dates are fixed, to allow time for freighting schedules. Garments must be delivered to drop-off points within the specified timeframes to qualify for sponsored freighting.

To take advantage of Mainfreight sponsored freighting you need to:

  • Ensure the box(es) that you pack your garment into fits within 1.0 cubic metres (m3). If your box(es) are over 1.0m3 additional fees may be incurred.
  • Book your garment with Mainfreight by emailing the appropriate participating depot.
  • Drop off your packed garment at the appropriate depot during the specified drop-off dates (see below).

This free freighting option is from participating Mainfreight depots only and is not door-to-door.

New Zealand Designers

Mainfreight sponsored freighting is available from the main centres of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin. Please note that this free freighting option is from the depots, not from your garment’s location. Your garment will be returned to the same depot.

Main Centre Depot Information

Gate 3, 2 Railway Lane
Auckland 1061

Phone: 09 259 5500

Attn: Kevan Collins
81 Aotea Quay
Pipitea Wellington

Phone: 04 816 5200

Attn: Pou Fiso
25 Hayton Road
Christchurch 8042

Phone: 03 348 4059

Attn: Debbie Blackburn or Laurie McMahon
9 Strathallan Street
South Dunedin
Dunedin 9012

Phone: 03 455 1009

Attn: Lucy Wispinski

If you do not live near one of these centres, Mainfreight offers a 20% discount on freight for your entry to get from your local depot to the closest main centre depot. This enables you to take advantage of free freighting from a main centre depot to Nelson. There are 28 local depots around New Zealand – check out the Mainfreight website to find your closest depot.

Mainfreight Depot Drop-Off Dates

Mainfreight Main Centres:
For free freighting to Nelson.
Thu 11 May – Thu 25 May 2023

Mainfreight Local Depots:  
For 20% off freighting to the nearest main centre depot.
Fri 12 May – Fri 19 May 2023

International Designers

Mainfreight sponsored freighting is available for designers in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, and Vietnam. Please note that this free freighting option is from the depots, not from your garment’s location. Your garment will be returned to the same depot. The staff at Mainfreight will be able to help you with all freighting and clearance documentation and queries.

When using the Mainfreight Sponsored Freighting option, there is a subsidised handling/customs fee which will be payable to the Mainfreight office when you drop off your entry. This fee includes the return of your entry to that depot.

Australia: $250 AUD

United States: $250 USD

Europe: €250 EUR

United Kingdom: £250 GBP

China & Hong Kong: $250 USD (local currency equivalent)

Taiwan: $250 USD (local currency equivalent)

Singapore: $250 USD (local currency equivalent)

Thailand: $250 USD (local currency equivalent)

Vietnam: $250 USD (local currency equivalent)

Mainfreight Depot Drop-Off Dates

Mainfreight Sponsored Freighting is only available during the dates listed below.  

United Kingdom & Europe: Monday 13 March – Monday 20 March 2023

United States: Monday 20 March – Monday 27 March 2023

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam: Monday 27 March – Monday 3 April 2023

Australia: Monday 3 April – Monday 10 April 2023

Contacts and Details 2023

The Mainfreight depots offering sponsored freighting and their contact details are listed below. If you do not live near one of the participating depots but still want to take advantage of the sponsored freighting option, Mainfreight also offer a 25% discount to help freight your entry to the nearest participating depot in Australia, the United States and Asia regions.


Tel: 0061 2 9384 7900
Fax: 0061 2 9384 7999
Attn: Sam Taylor
Tel: 0061 3 9933 5039
Attn: Aidan Erlik
Tel: 0061 7 3638 3900
Fax: 0061 7 3638 3999
Attn: Jayde Hamood

United States

Tel: 001 630 496 7400
Attn: Annalisa Marchiafava
Email: and
Tel: 001 310 900 1974
Attn: Will Young
Email: and
New Jersey
Tel: 001 908 787 1000
Attn: Elaine Wong
Email: and
Tel: 001 404 684 0626
Attn: Lanora Norton
Email: and
Tel: 001 817 481 6225
Attn: Helen Healey


Hong Kong
Tel: 0086 21 63736699 *1016 or *888
Attn: Joan Ji or Caroline Ding
Email: or
Tel: 00852 3666 7332
Attn: Sherman Yuen or Jacky Lam
Email: or
Tel: 00886 7536 8115
Mobile: 00886 978 118 160
Attn: Joyce Huang (O/F Manager) or Stanley Su
Email: or
Tel: 0065 6645 9485 or 0065 6265 8836
Attn: Leen Bakar or Doreen Ng
Email: or
Tel: 0084 93889 6618 or 0084 77996 5596
Attn: Richard Nguyen
Tel: 0066 92 2595241
Attn: Withanya Ceetantivech


United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 203 873 7644
Attn: Georgia Yee
Tel: 0031 6 1331 6604
Attn: Ronald Den Held
Attn: Marcia Anselmi
Email: and

Alternative Freighting

You are welcome to use alternative freighting options, courier services or postal companies from your city or country.

WOW will return your garment using the cheapest method available, at your cost, and will contact you in advance to arrange this.

All entries must be at World of WearableArt HQ in Nelson by Monday 12 June 2023, 5pm (NZT) at the latest.

World of WearableArt Ltd
95 Quarantine Road
Nelson 7011
New Zealand

Hand delivery

You are also welcome to hand deliver your entry to World of WearableArt HQ in Nelson, however this is by appointment only. Please contact Logistics Coordinator Daniela Tiare to arrange a suitable date and time in advance.

All entries must be at World of WearableArt HQ in Nelson by Monday 12 June 2023, 5pm (NZT) at the latest.

Additional Freighting Considerations

Garment insurance is the designer's responsibility from the time of dispatch through to its ultimate return.

Electronics and Batteries
Batteries and power banks are classed as dangerous goods and generally are not accepted for freighting. You will need to discuss with your freighting provider before packing batteries with your garment.

If your garment has electrical components, please make sure that you provide detailed instructions. Our guidelines on electrical components can be found here.

If your garment requires a specialised form of power supply, please email our Collections & Wardrobe Manager, Tanya Jacobs to discuss further.

We will not be able to return any batteries or power banks sent with garments.

Customs Clearances
New Zealand’s biosecurity and custom clearance requirements are important to understand when sending your garment. All customs and clearance costs must be covered by the designer.

  • On your customs declaration form, state a nominal value for your garment (e.g. Less than AUD $100 or US $150). Please note that this is not a reflection of the true value of your garment, it is merely for customs purposes – you may insure your garment to any value.
  • Garments not sent with a nominal value will incur additional customs charges, payable by you (the designer) before your entry is released into New Zealand. This will delay arrival in Nelson.
  • Customs charges incurred on arrival in New Zealand will be in addition to those paid at origin.
  • If you are asked by your freight provider to provide the Terms of Shipment (sometimes called Incoterms), use ‘Deliver Duty Paid’ (DDP).
  • Please state on your documentation AND mark the box containing your entry: “Temporary Exhibit Only. Not for retail sale.”

We have created these templates to assist with documentation: SLI for Mainfreight Sponsored Freighting, Commercial Invoice

New Zealand has strict requirements around biosecurity and biological materials entering the country. These have been put in place to help protect New Zealand’s native plants and animals from introduced pests and diseases. If you have used biological materials, you will need to check carefully that your garment will be able to clear biosecurity requirements.

  • Ensure that the contents including any biological materials are fully declared on your customs declaration.
  • Before entering a garment that uses animal or plant products, establish whether the products are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
  • If necessary, ensure that your entry is accompanied by the necessary export documentation from the CITES authority in the country of origin.

For more information on New Zealand Biosecurity:
Visit the Ministry for Primary Industries’ website for more information about New Zealand Biosecurity restrictions around importing your entry into New Zealand

If you have a specific query, you can also email or phone 0064 9 909 3030.

Garment Returns

Garments are returned at two points each year:

  • Entries that are not selected at First Judging are returned September/October.
  • Finalist entries are returned January/February.

We will return your garment back to the address in your WOW Designer Profile. Keep your address details up to date and correct. Please note that your garment may not return in the same box.

Returning garments that are not selected at First Judging

  • Entries that were received via Mainfreight sponsored freighting will be sent back to the Auckland Mainfreight depot in September. They will then be shipped in the next available container to the relevant depot.
  • If you have sent your garment at your own expense, we will get in touch with you directly to make the necessary arrangements for returning it to you.
  • New Zealand entries that are not selected will be returned to designers in September/October each year.

Returning Finalist Garments

  • International garments that were sent via Mainfreight sponsored freighting (and are not being acquired or held on temporary loan) will be transported to the Mainfreight depot in Auckland by end of February. They will then be dispatched in the next available container shipment to the relevant depot.
  • If you have sent your garment at your own expense, we will contact you by the end of January to make arrangements to return it to you.
  • New Zealand garments are returned to designers in January/February each year (except for any garments acquired or being held on temporary loan).

Need help freighting your entry?

If you need any further assistance with freighting details, please contact the Competition Department:

Logistics Coordinator, Daniela Tiare: