In June each year we announce the section themes for the following year’s competition so that designers can begin creating their garments well in advance if they wish to.

Then at the beginning of October, the online entry process officially opens. Here is everything you need to know about creating your WOW designer profile, and each step of the online entry process.


WOW Designer Day, 2017

Create your WOW Designer Profile

Anyone intending to enter the World of WearableArt Competition needs to first create a designer profile with us to receive a unique WOW designer number. Once you have a WOW designer profile set up, you will be able to access exclusive competition information through our online community and also receive regular updates from the WOW team.

This number is generated by our database and will be required to complete the online entry process for the 2023 WOW Competition. Your designer number stays the same every year and you are not required to register more than once.

Complete the online entry process

Now you have a WOW designer profile you can log in anytime. The online entry process for the 2023 WOW Competition is now open. From that date, you will be able to begin completing the online entry process steps. 

This process consists of three steps that require you to supply various information by specific dates and deadline.

Step 1: Intention to Enter

Step 2: Preselection

Step 3: Complete & Submit Entry

Terms and Conditions

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