Stuff People’s Choice Award winner

The audience have voted and Hidden Layers by Hungarian designer Anna Weszelovszky has been named the winner of the Stuff People’s Choice Award for the 2022 World of WearableArt Awards Show season.

The Hungarian designer was overwhelmed to hear she was chosen by the Show audience to receive the People’s Choice Award.

Hidden Layers WOWed the crowds with its stunning transformation and presence on stage in the Architecture Section.

The 2022 WOW Awards Competition judging panel were equally impressed awarding Hidden Layers the winner of the Architecture Section on Awards Night.

The judges described Hidden Layers as “elegant, effortless, and beautiful in its execution. There is a wonderful fluidity in how the garment moves. The use of black and white was simple but incredibly effective. The subtlety and element of surprise achieved with this garment was a delight. Every detail has been considered by the designer, from the delicate ruff collar through to the connection to her headpiece.” 

Hidden Layers is made from polyester, cotton, jersey and fibreglass. The designer describes the garment as representing the complexity behind apparent simplicity, the possibility of change, and the ability to surprise.

Anna says “It is like the experience of getting to know another person, or even yourself. At first you see only the simple, black surface but in time you discover unforeseen depth and hidden complexity. It only seemed fitting to call the garment Hidden Layers”.


Stuff People’s Choice Award audience winner

The audience member who voted for Hidden Layers as their favourite garment in the Stuff People’s Choice Award and was drawn as the audience winner is Bianca Fonti from Wellington!

Bianca loved that Hidden Layers made her “gasp and say WOW” when she saw it appear on stage. She loved the “dynamic nature of the garment and how it changed shape”.

Bianca says this year she “bought tickets to the Show on a whim 30 minutes before the Show started” and that “the whole experience: garments, sound, lighting and choreography was amazing and way more than she expected to see.”

Congratulations Bianca!

Audience member Bianca Fonti of Wellington, People’s Choice Award audience member winner