At the epicentre of WOW’s multi-layered universe is the international wearable art competition that challenges artists and designers from all around the world to take art off the wall and onto the human form. The most innovative and outstanding entries are chosen to appear on stage as part of the annual World of WearableArt Awards Show. 

Each year the finalist garments are selected through three rounds of closed judging.  The judging panel comprises of WOW Founder and Resident Judge, Dame Suzie Moncrieff, and two guests judges, from the worlds of art and fashion, who are invited to be part of the panel.




Originality and Innovation

The judges are looking for a garment that will surprise them and demonstrates design from a fresh perspective that they haven’t seen before. The judges are looking for exploration of an idea/concept and uniqueness of materials and design.



222 Buckle Belts, Annina Gull, Switzerland





Does the garment meet the brief for the section it has been entered into? The garment must be a complete concept and clearly portray the designer’s interpretation of the section theme.



The Organ Farmer, Fifi Colston, New Zealand




Quality of Construction

A high standard of workmanship is essential. The garment finish should be immaculate, inside and out. Your garment should look as good up close, as it does from a distance. Garments may be worn multiple times and need to accommodate easy movement as well as being strong enough to cope with choreography.



Refuse Refuge, Grace DuVal, United States




Health and Safety

Judges will consider whether a garment is safe for a model to wear and perform in. Models must be able to see clearly and breathe easily whilst onstage under stage lighting. Garment weight must be evenly distributed so the garment is comfortable to perform in. All footwear must be robust, well-balanced and safe for a model to wear.



Life Pulse (Biological Micro-universe), Galina Mihaleva, Singapore




Performance Potential

Judges will consider how a garment will look on stage with choreography and lighting.



Cube, Adam McAlavey, United Kingdom