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Poly Nation

Poly Nation

Kate MacKenzie

New Zealand

2014 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2014 South Pacific Section Winner









Kate MacKenzie was inspired by the stories that suitcases could tell, the journeys they had taken, the cultures they had seen and the history in the wear and tear they had endured; particularly those who had travelled from other countries to New Zealand, bringing with them new ideas and cultural beliefs. She used these stories to represent New Zealand’s rich mix of cultures and sought visual inspiration from native flora and fauna.

Poly Nation took nine months to create and was Kate’s second entry in the World of WearableArt Awards Competition. She first entered the Competition in 2013 with her garment Hay Daysie, which was awarded Third in the Open Section.


“If suitcases could talk, they would carry stories of travel, culture, integration and belonging.”


Created using leather and cardboard suitcases, Kate spent hours searching through Trade Me and second-hand shops for old suitcases that would bring her tale to life.





Judges’ Comments

The judges felt that Poly Nation fittingly represented the cultural influences that made up New Zealand’s identity. The garment clearly symbolises the baggage that people carry with them in terms of culture, belief systems and ideas.




















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