World of WearableArt is the ultimate creative opportunity for students anywhere in the world

WOW offers students the opportunity to become part of an international community of artists, designers and creators, and to access exclusive internships and opportunities such as the Wētā Workshop Emerging Designer Award and The Residency Experience Award.

Each year, we work closely with a number of schools around the world to support their student’s participation in WOW – and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Watch this video for more about the World of WearableArt Competition. Mandarin version here.


Begin the journey and create your WOW designer profile 

To join the WOW design community and enter the Competition, the first thing you need to do is create your WOW Designer Profile. Once you have registered as a designer you will receive regular news and updates about WOW and the Competition, and you will be able to join the WOW Designers’ Forum on Facebook where you can connect with a wonderful community of talented creatives from around the world and share your creative endeavours with them. REGISTER HERE+

WOW Designer Day September 27, 2018 in Wellington, New Zealand.


2023 Competition Section Themes

In 2023, there are six worlds for designers to be inspired by when entering the Competition. This includes three recurring sections; Aotearoa, Avant-garde and Open, and three sections, Gold, Mars & Beyond and Bizarre Bra, that are unique to 2023. Here is where you’ll find more information about each section theme including inspiration videos and Pinterest boards. READ MORE+

Creating Your Garment

World of WearableArt is about taking art and adorning the body, so, considerations around the human form and using the body as a foundation should be central to your design. This useful guide will help you with what you need to know before you get started. READ MORE+



Entering the Competition

Once you have created your WOW Designer Profile, you can submit an entry to the Competition by following the 3-step online entry process.

Watch this video where we guide you through each step of the online entry process. More information is here READ MORE+


If you want more information about the competition or being a WOW Designer. Head to our Designer Information page+