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The Lady Warrior

The Lady Warrior

Rinaldy Yunardi


2019 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2019 Avant-garde Section Winner

2019 International Design: Asia Award










The Lady Warrior seeks to honour the strength of all women, and was inspired by the designer’s own mother. The Lady Warrior plays the role of daughter, wife and the most important role in society – mother. The Lady Warrior was born vulnerable but with life experience, she has become strong.

The metal elements – bronze emblazoned with intricate motifs – are symbolic of armour. Paper alone is fragile; the recycled paper which has been woven tightly together to form rope represents the intertwining of life experiences that have contributed to her inner strength. 


Made from metal and recycled paper woven together into rope





Judges’ Comments

The Lady Warrior displays an extraordinary metamorphosis of a fragile organic material into something beautiful; demonstrating perfect balance and form. The garment is exquisitely crafted using metal and recycled paper and conveys breath-taking fragility perfectly balanced with a subtle strength. The use of traditional weaving to create a piece that feels so contemporary is remarkable.  



















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