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Yogesh Chaudhary & Manas Barve


2010 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2010 Open Section Winner











Loops, originating from the revolutionary technique of seamless knitting, is a garment which demonstrates an organic sense of wholeness, by means of extrapolating a technique into an entirely new dimension.

Loops was created using a laser-cut pattern which interlaces with each other to form an interesting surface texture. The same ‘loops’ are used to join one panel to other.

The garment has been conceptualized as a self- sufficient form of independence without any interference from foreign substances such as thread or glue.

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Merino wool felt







More about the garment and the designers

Yogesh Chaudhary heard about World of WearableArt when he was in his second year of college in 2007, and had been following it for several years as friends participated. ‘At that time I used to feel very intimidated looking at what the Competition was all about,’ he says.

‘We had watched these videos on YouTube but the Show really took everybody’s breath away. The garments were so avant-garde and it was so out of the box; it was something that really got my attention at that time but I did not participate because I just didn’t know what to do.’

After three years, he told himself he’d have a go, and he thought Manas’ ‘loop technique’ would be perfect. Yogesh had focused on knitwear for his graduate degree, but Manas knew nothing of fashion and was more interested in techniques and products. It was a good match.

[Attending the WOW Awards Show] was exhilarating. ‘It was more than the Oscars for me,’ Manas says. ‘The way they present that show, the way they treat your garment, the choreography; it’s beautiful, it’s a pleasure to watch that, even if your entry’s not there. We were enjoying each and every beat of music, each and every step of those models and it was beautiful.’

When they saw how well Loops stood out onstage, Manas recalls ‘something in [his] heart’ told him that they had done well – but not quite as well as they did.

‘I thought at least we would win the student award or something,’ he says. ‘I never thought of the Supreme WOW Award at all. Never.’

So when they announced the winner of the Open Section as Loops, Manas says they were shattered. ‘We went on the stage, they declared the prize money and we were very happy. We came back, we sat in our chairs, and I had no idea we would then win something like the Supreme WOW Award, the best entry out of 191.’

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