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Claire Prebble

New Zealand

2004 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2004 Reflective Surfaces Section Winner




















EOS stands for Evolution of Spirit, the all-seeing Greek goddess of the dawn.


Sterling silver wire, copper wire, glass beads, dupion, organza silk








Photography by: Lindsay Adler

More about the garment and the designer

EOS is composed of a woven silver corset, swooping silver and copper facepiece, horns and headpieces, large wings, and a black organza silk train representing the night trailing behind her. In a fitting coincidence, Claire Prebble would work on her creation through the night until dawn and estimated EOS that took her 1000 hours to make.

Over her teens, Claire, had fourteen garments selected as finalists in the Competition, won the Supreme WOW Award in 2004 with EOS when she was just 18, the youngest entrant ever to do so. It was a dream come true for her; something she had been working towards for years.

In fact, her earliest memories of WOW began when she was five years old and had posters of winning garments in her bedroom. “It has just been a part of me since I was a tiny child,” she once said. “I was so inspired by all of them.”

Always focused on her passion for creativity, she used her Supreme WOW Award prize money to spend six months travelling, furthering her career in Dubai and interning with Alexander McQueen in London. She was invited to work for Weta Workshop on costumes for Avatar. It was another dream fulfilled as she’d wanted to work at Weta since she was a teenager.

In 2017, New York fashion photographer, Lindsay Adler came to New Zealand and photographed EOS as part of a workshop hosted by NZIPP.

In 2016, the National WOW Museum created a memorial exhibition as a tribute to Claire Prebble










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