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Diva’s Dreamscape

Diva’s Dreamscape

Peter Wakeman

New Zealand

2015 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2015 Creative Excellence: Architecture Section Winner












With Diva’s Dreamscape, boatbuilder Peter Wakeman wanted to achieve a futuristic industrial look blended with timeless beauty and glamour. 

Peter used his skills developed during a lifetime of working with his hands, including boatbuilding, woodworking, and construction, to design and create three unique fibreglass ‘frocks’ which he entered in the Competition over a three-year period – Chica Under Glass (2013),Veniece in Glass Bind (2014) and Diva’s Dreamscape (2015). 

He works mainly with metal, wood and fibreglass and describes his signature look as ‘sleek, bold and sexy’, focusing on clean lines and a strong silhouette. 

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Constructed using stainless steel, wood and fibreglass











Judges’ Comments

Diva’s Dreamscape impressed the judges for its exquisite workmanship. They noted that garment is a stunning piece of art with a strong simplicity that works perfectly from every angle. The use of such hard materials to create a sophisticated garment demonstrates great skill and creative ability.



















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