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2020 World of WearableArt Awards Competition:

Thank you for your patience and understanding following our recent announcement that the 2020 Competition and Show have been cancelled.

We are now looking ahead to an amazing 2021 Competition and Show, and look forward to seeing your works of wearable art shine in next year’s competition.

Designers who submitted an entry in the 2020 Competition can now transfer this entry across to the 2021 Competition. Please continue to read below for information about how to transfer your entry to the 2021 Competition or enter the 2021 Competition with a new entry.

2021 World of WearableArt Awards Competition:

The 2021 Competition will officially open on Wednesday 1 July 2020

While this year, we have decided to open the Competition earlier than usual, entry deadlines will follow our usual annual timings e.g. Step 1 (Intention to Enter) will close late March 2021. Detailed information on key dates and deadlines for the 2021 Competition will be available on our website from 1 July.

Information has been sent to every designer who entered the 2020 Competition letting them know how they can transfer their entry across to 2021. This option to transfer applies to all stages of the entry process whether it be Step 1, Step 2 or Withdrawn.

Entry transfers to the 2021 Competition will need to be completed by 11.59pm on Tuesday 30 June (NZST) 


Section Themes 

The 2021 worlds of WOW

Each year we ask designers to be inspired by one of the six worlds that will make up the World of WearableArt Awards. There are three recurring Sections; Aotearoa, Avant-garde and Open, and three Sections that are unique to that year.

Click on the images below to find out more about each of the 2021 section themes.


2021 Section Themes:


Find out what the judges are looking for in a World of WearableArt garment.



Please read below to find answers to questions around transferring an entry from the 2020 World of WearableArt Awards Competition to the 2021 Competition. 

If these still do not address your query please contact us.

Are the section themes for 2021 the same as were planned for 2020?

I withdrew my entry because I ran out of time / couldn't get hold of materials I needed / couldn't take photos / etc. Can I move this entry across to 2021?

I was just about to submit my entry when the announcement was made. Can I submit this entry for 2021? Can I make changes and do further work on the entry then submit?

I had completed Step 1 but not Step 2. Can my Step 1 be transferred to next year?

I completed Step 1 and Step 2 of the entry process. I don't want to make any changes to my entry. Can I just transfer across to 2021?

I submitted my entry at Step 2 but I was in a rush and couldn't finish it properly / couldn't access the materials I wanted to use due to government restrictions / etc. Can I withdraw and re-submit my entry for 2021?

I want to re-do my photos and video for Step 2. Can I change them?

I was planning to enter the Awards Competition in 2021 but I now worry that all the designers who were entering in 2020 and can continue to work on their entries and re-submit have an advantage.

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to the Competition and Wardrobe teams should you have any queries about the Awards Competition:


Heather Palmer

Competition Director

Kat Sprowell

Head of Competition



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