As part of the online entry process (and the World of WearableArt (WOW) Competition terms and conditions), you must upload a minimum of four photographs that clearly show your completed entry. 

This is required at the following stages of the entry process:

  • Step 2: Preselection – for all international entrants and first-time New Zealand entrants
  • Step 3: Complete & Submit Entry – for all returning New Zealand entrants

Capturing your garment at its best is imperative!

The four compulsory photographs of your entry must clearly display the front, back and both side views of your garment.


Front View Side View (1) Back View Side View (2)

Brighter Side of Pail, Julie Brawley, New Zealand


Photographs must be in full colour and completely in focus

Photographs must be uploaded as JPG, tiff, PNG or BMP files. The maximum file size for each photograph is 3MB


Why do I need to upload photographs of my garment?

At Preselection your photographs are reviewed by the judges and they are the only reference the judges have for what your garment looks like. So providing clear and informative photographs is vitally important (and helps to put your best foot forward with the judges)!

Once you have completed Step 3: Complete & Submit Entry of the online entry process, your photographs are used as factual reference; a “visual instruction manual” for our Wardrobe Department staff who dress the models. Photographs will ensure your garment is worn exactly as you wish. 

A picture speaks a thousand words – so the more information you can provide in your photos the better! For example, submitting images including close-up, detailed shots is always encouraged. You can upload a maximum of ten images. 

Detailed Shot (Placement) Detailed Shot (Materials)

Featured Garments (L-R):  
The Returned Soul,
Yeung Ping Chun, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong, China;
Eye See You Fluffy Kowhai,
Tina Hutchison-Thomas, New Zealand


Remember, it’s all in the detail. Your photographs should depict the tilt of the hat, the fold of the collar, or if there is a cloak or a cape, should it fall off one shoulder? Left or right? 

Your photographs remain with your garment throughout the entire judging process and show season. They are the go-to-guide when dressing your garment.


What if my entry includes multiple garments?

If your entry comprises more than one garment (up to three in any one entry), you can consider photographing them together as well as providing individual detail. Please clearly show which components belong to each model.

Individual Garment (incl. Components) Individual Garment (incl. Components) Entire Entry (x2 garments) Together

WAR sTOrY, Natasha English & Tatyanna Meharry, New Zealand


Considerations when taking your photographs:

  • FULL LENGTH: We must be able to see the garment on your model in its entirety – head-to-toe, including footwear
  • MODEL: Try to photograph your garment on a person, rather than on a mannequin
  • BACKGROUND: Keep your background as clean and clear as possible. Make sure your garment stands out. White or black is best. 
    Try and use a plain wall, or pin up a plain sheet, to create a nice clean backdrop. Consider covering the floor if it is busy or patterned

  • LIGHTING: Try and avoid any shadows on your garment
  • COMPONENTS: Please upload photographs of your completely finished garment and only include components that are part of your official entry
    For example: Do not put a hat on your model if your garment does not require a hat


If you have any issues or concerns when uploading your garment photograph, email Angela Fisk, Competition Coordinator with your query.