1. Use the right size box:

The box should allow enough room to pack your garment firmly but not so tightly that it causes damage. Various sized boxes can be brought from packaging supply stores. Alternatively, try approaching your local removal company or appliance store. Line the inside of the box with a protective waterproof layer. Fill spaces in and around the garment with packing materials; make sure nothing is loose within the box. 

Your box is handled several times during its journey to WOW so consider carefully its weight and ease of handling. For example, would it be better to pack the garment in smaller boxes, rather than a large oversized, heavy box? Also consider any size restrictions specified by the freight company you choose to use. 


2. Choose the appropriate materials:

It is important the box you pack your entry in is made from sturdy, strong materials to withstand the movement that happens during shipping. In most cases, a twin cushion double wall cardboard box is best; the corners can be reinforced with compressed cardboard corner protectors for additional structural strength.


3. Recommended packing materials:

Use clean packing materials, we recommend using items such as tissue paper, air pockets, EVA foam, foam sheeting, archival foam, bubble wrap, Dacron padding, bagged shredded paper or polystyrene packing peanuts.


4. Wrap components individually:

Friction caused by movement during transit may cause damage from one surface to another. For example, metal spikes could pierce through silk chiffon if they don’t have a protective layer between them. Use a layer of appropriate packing materials between each component to create a barrier and help prevent damage.


5. Label the outside of the box clearly:

If your garment is fragile and needs to be transported a certain way up, clearly identify this on the outside of the box. 


6. Give us clear instructions: 

If you garment requires reassembly or specific handling upon its arrival, please include detailed instructions and photographs.


7. Do a final check!

Before you seal up your box and send it, check that you have included the following: 

  • All components of your garment, including any spare parts
  • Dressing instructions
  • Photographs
  • Repair kit
  • Dressing aids
  • Copy of signed Terms & Conditions


For more information about freighting your entry, check out our Freighting page