It’s an exciting moment when you book tickets to the WOW Awards Show and we want you to book seats that suit you best.

We’ve put together this handy guide to the various ticket types and seating options available so at Show time you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Show knowing that you bought the best seats for you! 

The Show takes place at the TSB Arena in Wellington on the bespoke ‘WOW’ stage, which includes five ‘pods’ each facing around the Arena. All finalist garments come to life on stage and our Creative Team design the Show to suit the unique stage design, so the performance can be seen no matter where you choose to sit!


For specific information about ticket prices, performance dates and times, and general FAQs head over here to find out more about experiencing a WOW Awards Show!


Ticket Types

This year, there are five different ticket types to choose from, and each ticket type is based on the seating area or style available. Below is a quick guide to each of the different ticket types and what they offer: 

Stageside Experience

New for 2022, the Stageside Experience offers exclusive table seating for you and up to ten friends right up close to the action of the Show. 


Best seats in the house! All Platinum seats are tiered and include a 2022 Souvenir Programme!


Next best seats available around the venue. Option of tiered or non-tiered seating


Still good seats but usually situated further back from Premium seats. Option of tiered or non-tiered seating

Restricted View

Seats that we have indicated as not allowing a full, clear view of the stage. This could mean there is a glass barrier in front of you (Block 8, upstairs front row seating specifically), or perhaps the seats are situated far to the side and restrict the view to the far angles of the stage. 

All Restricted View seats are situated upstairs and are tiered seating

Seating Blocks

The seating in the TSB Arena is grouped into different Blocks. Blocks A, B, C & F are situated downstairs and Blocks 5, 7 & 8 are upstairs. Each Block can contain various ticket types, but a Block may not include every different ticket type.

Your own personal preferences may help you decide which Block you would prefer to sit in. Think about if you would like to be up close to the garments, or further away to get an overview of the whole stage. Would you like to be sat facing front-on to the stage, or on an angle to one of the individual pods? 

Why not familiarise yourself with our seating plan in advance of booking for 2022!

Here are some other frequently asked questions we thought would be useful to address about seating options: 

What is tiered seating?

Tiered seating allows a raised view of the row in front. Our non-tiered seating is situated on the ground floor of the arena. The stage sits at least a metre higher than the floor seating. 


Where do I sit to be able to see the garments as close as possible?

Most finalist garments will visit every ‘pod’ on the stage ensuring that all garments can be viewed around the arena. To get a close view of the garments, we would recommend the new Stageside Experience where you can’t get any closer to the action! Or you could select seats in one of the Blocks that are closest to the pods, these include Block A, Block B, Block C, and Block F.

We’d also recommend picking up a Souvenir Programme, which contains a catalogue of the finalist garments with full-colour imagery, designer credits, materials used and inspiration behind the garment.

Top tip: Platinum tickets come with a Souvenir Programme included!


Where do I sit if I’m watching the Show with children or want to see as much of the Show spectacle as possible?

If you would like to choose a seating area that offers more of an overview of the stage and Show spectacle we would recommend considering any of the tiered seating options. You may also want to consider the seating options in the Blocks located on the upstairs level (Block 5, Block 7, Block 8).

Central sections of Block 7 & Block 8 (upstairs) have great Premium seating options which allow you to be close enough to see the garments but high enough to view across the whole stage.


What else do I need to know?

Every performance is exactly the same, featuring all finalist garments on stage. All garments are showcased around the stage to ensure they can be viewed from all areas of the arena. The stage Show is crafted with the arena and seating in mind to try and allow a great viewing experience no matter where you choose to sit!