Gemini: The Twins, Dawn Mostow & Ben Gould, United States

Husband-wife design team, Dawn Mostow and Ben Gould, have been pioneering laser-cut latex for the past decade. Because the material is homogenous, and the laser so precise, they are able to slice any graphic they choose to pursue.

We love the possibilities that laser-cutting opens up, allowing us to achieve a level of detail not possible through traditional techniques.

Gemini: The Twins was the design-duo’s third entry together in the World of WearableArt Awards Competition. In creating these twin-garments, Dawn and Ben wanted to force the viewer to do a dizzying double-take. To achieve this they utilised Notan, an ancient and powerful method of balancing black and white sections to emphasise detail. It forces the eye to find the stark contours in between – first, the beautiful silhouette, and second, the negative space between the mirrored figures. Only then do you realise the two figures are wearing identically opposing patterns.

Angels or devils? Two beauties for certain. The twins’ spiralling patterns cascade over their curves, and hypnotise those who bear witness. Look too long and be lost forever in their fractal embrace. See these hypnotising works of art at our new exhibition opening soon at Te Papa – World of WearableArt – Up Close | Ao KākahuToi – Kia Tata 


Dawn and Ben first encountered World of WearableArt when they visited the WOW international touring exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. They knew immediately that they wanted to enter the Competition, and went on to create a garment in 2017, which won the Wearable Technology Award. Since then they have become regular WOW entrants and have won numerous awards for their work.

An Up Close Top Tip: 

The level of detail is extraordinary in these garments – and each is the exact mirror image of the other. Take a moment to take in all the different motifs that adorn these visually stunning twins!


Tickets are on sale now! 

Running for a strictly limited season only from Saturday 12 December 2020 – Sunday 14 February 2021, don’t miss your chance to experience this theatrical journey and immersive exhibition with World of WearableArt!