Human Nature, Saar Snoek, Netherlands

Like a real coral reef, Human Nature grew organically. Saar Snoek began with the idea of a wearable reef, but started her garment without a clear plan of where it would go; instead it began growing almost by itself. The result is a celebration of the beauty and complexity of our natural world as well as a sad reminder of environmental catastrophe bearing down on coral reefs across the globe.

‘My favourite tools are my hands, my favourite medium is wool and my favourite technique is felting. Feeling the wool transform under your hands is magic.’

Saar is a feltmaker from Sellingen in the Netherlands, and Human Nature was her first attempt at a large felt collage. Saar entered Human Nature in the 2017 World of WearableArt Awards Competition and won the Aotearoa Section. 

She began perfecting her craft in 2014 (her first piece was an egg-cosy!) and enjoys playing with shapes and textures to find the tipping point where order becomes chaos. The organic and transformational qualities of felt allow her the freedom to explore natural forms, and she finds collage ‘magical’ with its endless possibilities.

You’ll be able to get up close to all the shapes and textures that can be found in Human Nature at our new exhibition opening soon at Te Papa – World of WearableArt – Up Close | Ao KākahuToi – Kia Tata 

In nature the same patterns appear in different contexts. Saar plays with shapes and textures trying to find the tipping point where order becomes chaos. Saar sees a celebration of the beauty and complexity of (our) nature and also a sad reminder of what we are. 

A self-confessed introvert, Saar initially thought WOW wasn’t for her. The idea of a large scale event on the other side of the world was intimidating. Then she realised that she could stay at home and continue creating while her garment is ‘at work’ on the other side of the globe. She also enjoys the boundaries that come with entering WOW; the requirements of the Competition give her the opportunity to have total creative freedom without getting completely lost.

An Up Close Top Tip: 

When you get up close to Human Nature, see if you can find out where the model looks through the garment to perform on stage! 


Tickets are on sale now! 

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