To assist the judges with making the best possible assessment of each entry at Preselection stage, designers are now able to provide a short video showing their garment from all angles.


It is not compulsory to provide a video but we do encourage all designers to submit a video if possible.

UPDATE FOR 2019: Please note that it is compulsory to upload a video if you are entering the 2019 Transform Section. Your video must clearly demonstrate the transformation aspect of your garment.


Garment Video Guidelines

The video should capture your completed entry being modelled from all angles – front, back and both side views; the judges need to be able to see the full-length of your garment, from head-to-toe.

We’ve created the guide below to demonstrate what your video may look like.  

Keep your video simple and make sure your garment is presented clearly throughout.



If your garment has a specific conceal/reveal element, or if it is important for your garment to move in a certain way, feel free to include these movements in the video. If there are any movement restrictions please make this clear in this video.


Please note: you may only provide one video as part of your entry.


Video Format Requirements

File Format: MP4 or MOV only | File Size: 25MB maximum

Video Duration: 15 seconds maximum


How to submit your video:

You will be able to upload your video when completing Step 2 of the online entry process.

Should you have any issues when uploading the video, please email Kate Ruffell, Wardrobe Administrator.