Mainfreight Limited supports WOW designers from all around the world, by freighting their garments to and from the World of WearableArt® in Nelson, New Zealand. Mainfreight freighting is free for New Zealand based designers and requires a small handling fee for designers sending their entries from selected depots in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Not only does Mainfreight help reduce the cost of freighting, but they offer an excellent service that is reliable and safe. Thank you Mainfreight!

Here are some of our favourite designer Mainfreight hand-in moments from 2017 WOW entrants.

Saar Snoek, Sellingen, Netherlands

Lynn Christiansen, San Francisco, United States
“I had to somewhat dismantle my car to get the box in!”

Ann Skelly, Waiheke Island, New Zealand
“The long slide down the driveway to the Mainfreight truck… going, going, GONE!! I would have taken photos of the truck but was too busy hanging on for dear life to the massive tarpaulin as my boxes and I sledged towards the road….”

Tim Merz and Michelle Yeager, Wyncote, United States
“Not the most glamorous finish line, but it sure felt good for Michelle and I to be back in North Jersey dropping off our entry yesterday!”

Svenja, Queensland, Australia

Jessica Thompson, Brisbane, Australia
“I cannot express to you the utter wondrous feeling of joy that is filling my being today. Why you ask? Because I just got home from dropping off my entry to Chalmers at the Port of Brisbane. My fifth time. I’m like a pro now! That doesn’t stop me from putting on my girliest girl appearance so the big, tough truckies provide me guidance and point out where to go. I take my Gary’s 4WD so I have more substance than my hatchback in the driveway among the big rigs; and to fit the boxes in. “ 


Photo credits: All photos were provided by the featured designers.