All electrical wiring used in a WOW entry must be safe and simple to operate in New Zealand. WOW encourages designers creating entries with electrical components to have them checked by a qualified electrician prior to sending them to Nelson for judging.

Please consider these guidelines when creating your entry and preparing your dressing instructions.


  • Please provide very clear and detailed instructions on how to use the electrics, including how long it takes to fully charge and how long the battery/batteries last for (run time).



  • New Zealand has a 230/240 volt wall output. If your voltage differs to this, please advise us in your garment paperwork so that we can ensure the correct voltage is used when charging to avoid potential issues with the electrics.
  • We recommend that all electrics have a maximum of 12 volts DC
  • We recommend that batteries are connected in parallel as they do not change voltage, whereas batteries connected in series have a combined voltage (e.g. 3x 9V batteries connected in series have 27V of power)



  • All electrical garments must have either easily removable batteries or leads for charging
  • Batteries must be easily accessible inside the garment
  • Preferably supply/use rechargeable batteries
  • Please provide one central power supply where possible instead of multiple leads/battery packs
  • Consider the longevity of the battery supply
  • Check with your freighting provider regarding freighting batteries
  • Where batteries are unable to be disconnected from the wires or the garment, make sure that no positive and negative wires are able to touch when idle (kept separate in individual plastic zip bags is an option)
  • If multiple batteries are supplied, they need to be stored in a way that the positive and negative ends aren’t able to touch


General Advice:

  • Please ensure that wires are fully protected i.e. no exposed wires. We recommend the use of electrical tape or solder to secure joins, and please be mindful of where the wires are on the body (are they visible?). Keep wires away from moving parts of the body. Please think about model comfort and do not have wires against the skin.
  • Electrics need to withstand movement and multiple wearings so please secure wires/batteries/battery packs to the inside of the garment. Make sure that batteries are still easily removable for inspection, battery replacement and charging.
  • If you are an international designer and your garment requires to be plugged in for charging, it is helpful for you to provide us with a plug converter which can be purchased at most hardware and luggage stores.