So, it’s the last day of my last week at Weta Workshop.

It’s been big! It’s been huge! It definitely has been life changing! When I think back to the nervous me standing outside the doors to the Weta workshops a month ago, thinking “gulp…here goes.” I definitely am not that person now.

I thought I would never learn my way around the maze of workshops, but actually, after a day it was easy and not the maze I first imagined; more of a circle. All the faces that I met, now have names and all say “Good morning. How you doing? How’s it going? What you working on?” Or, whatever you may be covered in might make that obvious and they just laugh or smile.  

It has been amazing. I’ve learnt a lot, I’ve met humans with talents you just can’t believe are possible. The work is so beautiful, the standards are so high, the people so lovely. Basically good memories, good times, inspiring, hard work and humbling.  

If you are working on your WOW pieces right now, I wish you luck, strength, resilience and the strongest will to keep going. Keep the bar high. I know your hands are going to be hurting, your fingers bleeding and you have three cups of tea next to you and none of them have been drunk. The hours have flown by, you haven’t eaten and it’s dark already. You are not sleeping anymore because your brain won’t let you. Just give it your all, it will be worth it.  

I can’t wait to see what you will make. Good luck x Joanna

– Joanna Peacock, February 2016