Weta sign

Joanna outside Weta Workshop (Photo: Joanna Peacock)

I can’t believe the time is flying by so quickly. Three weeks into my internship, so many people’s names learnt, so many product names learnt. I’m even finding I’ve adopted some New Zealand terminology into my own vocabulary as I can communicate quicker if I use the local words for things, especially if I’m trying to speak through a breathing mask!  

I’ve been into the casting department where breathing masks are essential and worn for most of the working hours, whilst mixing and pouring intricate concoctions of chemicals to make wondrous things.  I think the casting team compensate for the lack of being able to chat freely (because of the masks and the noise of the machines) by playing loud rock music. I’m not sure I’ve ever listened to so much rock music in my entire life.

Weta Public Sculpture

Tripod public sculpture by Weta Workshop, Courtney Place, Wellington (Photo: Joanna Peacock)

I spent a week in the props department, another incredible place. The things I worked on in mould making appeared in front of me once again in this department, but in a different material. The props department is brilliant, I loved it. I’m sure it is capable of producing absolutely anything.

It was so exciting to see the props team bring all the beautiful parts of a project together, refine them and prepare them for the paint department. And that brings me to this week. I spent the week with the paint department team, with a bit of running next door to the prop team to finalise bits and bobs before painting. If I was a cowgirl, I would be lassoing in the air at full gallop shouting “Yeeee-Haaaaa” right about now. I had such a great time in the paint room.  It is just amazing all the beautiful things arrive there to be made more beautiful. Such talent, such precise techniques, this takes patience and a steady hand, love and care.  

The view from Joanna's accomodation

The view from Joanna’s accommodation (Photo: Joanna Peacock)

One reoccurring theme is going to be prevalent in my accounting of my internship at Weta Workshop and that is just how incredible the people are that work here. Not only do they have out of this world talent, but they are all just so lovely, hardworking and conscientious. For sure there is a lot of expensive state of the art equipment and incredible mind blowing materials, but it’s the great crew that makes the place so special and the work so amazing.  It’s great to be so humbled in the presence of such talents, and it’s wondrous to find so much you want to learn more about.