Everything you need to know to complete the WOW entry process.


Anyone intending to enter the WOW competition must register first to receive a unique WOW designer number.  This number is generated by our database and is required to complete the online entry process. Your designer number will stay the same every year and you are not required to register again.  Registered designers will receive our newsletters and announcements as well as judging results and any other communications regarding your entry.  Registered designers also gain exclusive access to the WOW Designer Forum on Facebook. Please note that your details will only be used for the purposes of the WOW Awards Competition including media releases or to advise you of any WOW news or updates. It will not be passed to any other party. Registration is not the same as entering the competition.

Step 1: Intention to Enter

The WOW online entry process officially opens on 24 September 2017. Designers must submit Step 1 (Intention to Enter) by 31 March 2017 to officially enrol in the 2017 competition. An Intention to Enter requires designers to record how many garments you are entering into which sections.  You can edit this information or withdraw an entry at any point before 31 March. Designers cannot add a new entry after Intention to Enter closes on 31 March 2017. Design teams of 2-3 members must nominate a lead designer to complete the entry process on behalf of your team.

Step 2: Preselection

All First Time Entrants must complete Step 2 (Preselection). A First Time Entrant is a designer who has not had an entry selected to appear on stage at a previous WOW Awards Show. Designers are required to submit photographs of their completed garments for the judges to review.  Designers will be notified of the judges decisions and successful entrants will be asked to complete the online entry process and to send their entries to World of WearableArt in Nelson, New Zealand to participate in the first official judging round. Returning designers are not required to complete Preselection and the entry process will allow them to go straight to Submit Entry.

31 March 2017:                  International Preselection closes

15 May 2017:                      New Zealand Preselection closes

Step 3: Complete Your Entry

Step 3 (Complete Your Entry) is the final stage of the online entry process. Here you must upload photographs of your completed garment and input all of the information required for your entry, including inspiration, materials and model requirements. Designers must read WOW’s competition rules and print and sign the entry declaration form to send to Nelson, New Zealand along with your entry. Step 3 (Complete Your Entry) closes officially at 5pm, Monday 19 June 2017, but most designers should complete this in advance, to send all documentation with your garment.

Garment Hand In

All entries are due in Nelson by 5pm, Monday 19 June 2017.

For further assistance with the online entry process, please email Sally Florance sally@worldofwearableart.com