Photography credit

Capturing your garment’s ‘best side’ on camera is imperative. Each and every side, photographed well, is vitally important. The front is just as important as the back; the left side, no less important than the right!

Not only is it a requirement (under the WOW Competition Rules) when submitting your entry, to include clear front, back and side photographs of the garment, but the photographs will ensure your garment is worn on our WOW model exactly as you would wish.

Your photographs are for factual reference; a ‘visual instruction manual’ for our Wardrobe Department staff who dress the models for the judging process and – if your garment is selected – for the multiple ‘outings’ it will have on stage in Wellington during the World of WearableArt™ Awards Shows. 

Remember, it’s all in the detail. Clear photographs that depict the tilt of that hat, the fold of that collar, or the amount of skin your model should reveal when she/he is draped in that cloak or cape – (Is it one shoulder? Left or right? Or both?) – will ensure we dress your garment as you intended.  Your photographs are placed in a clear-file and remain with your garment throughout the entire judging process and the show season. They’re the go-to-guide for our dressers, every time your garment is going on show – and, now and then, it might be a different person dressing the model.

A stark, super-plain background is the ultimate back-drop for your garment. Getting creative on the sand, in a forest or in the garden is not an advantage. This is definitely a time when the ‘less is more’ rule, rules! We need to see your garment clearly, with nothing around it that might blur the outline.

If you haven’t the luxury of a plain wall, pin up sheets as your backdrop. Cover the floor, too – especially if you’re working on a floor of patterned carpet. The hem, the leggings and the footwear should all be easy to view.

Try to photograph your garment on a person, rather than on a mannequin.

Here a some important last tips:

  • Your garment photographs should be FULL-LENGTH, so we can see the garment on your model in its entirety, from head to toe – front, back and both sides.

  • Colour photographs, completely in focus, are a must.

  • Lighting should be even, so we’re not struggling to understand the ‘visual instructions,’ due to shadowy patches.

  • Please send us a photo of your garment with the correct components – it can be confusing if there is a hat in the photo, but there is in fact, no hat!

  • If you have two models within one entry, please take photographs that clearly show which components are dressed on Model 1 and Model 2.

  • Photographs must upload in JPEG, tiff, PNG, BMP format.  The online entry form cannot accept PDFs rar zip or other formats. The maximum size is 1.5mb.