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Natasha English & Tatyanna Meharry

New Zealand

2018 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2018 Aotearoa Section Winner











War is not a game. WAR sTOrY represents 128,215 men and women who served in WW1 over 18,058 never came home. It was a war of attrition with modern munitions that cut down lives faster than they could be recruited. The statistics and experiences of this war irrevocably changed the body and soul of the New Zealand story as an emerging country. A heavy weight imbued with memories and stories passed down to pave new futures for our mokopuna to carry. The badges and symbols of honour are now worn by our generation, deserving remembrance in this centenary year.

“We wanted to include as many tangible memories as well, using recycled materials that have been either collected over the years, traded or salvaged to help imbue this art piece with memories for past, current and future generations. The heavy weight of the memories and stories of the past pave the way for future generations of mokopuna to carry. The badges and symbols of honour are now worn by our generation, a deserving remembrance in this centenary year.”

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Made from wood, ceramic, pounamu, marble, metal, cloth

(Old WW army and NZ household blankets, salvaged Rimu from demolished homes, leftover framing from a new home build, recycled vintage foundry cast iron parts, modern scrap metals, reconstituted clays, old assorted collected plastic toy soldiers, repurposed tool parts, textile leftovers, scrap marble tile, recycled jumper knitting wool, New Zealand beach sands, broken crushed red bricks & a beautiful traded piece of Pounamu)





Judges’ Comments

WAR sTOrY is an exceptional example of powerful storytelling realised through a work of art. An entry that is an exceptionally compelling realisation of a thought-provoking narrative that is flawless in its execution.













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