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World of WearableArt Awards Show

The 2021 World of WearableArt Awards Show was set to be an exciting spectacle bursting with colour, creativity, surprise, and delight.  Sadly, the current COVID-19 outbreak in Aotearoa forced our hand and on 9 September we announced the cancellation of the 2021 Show season.

We have now closed off our automated refund process for the 2021 World of WearableArt Awards Show and everyone who requested a refund should have received it. Please check your bank account back as far as mid September as we processed the bulk of refunds from mid September to mid October. Any ticketholders who did not register a preference to transfer, gift or refund will have their tickets automatically transferred to our 2022 season.  If you have any additional queries about 2021 tickets please email our ticketing team

If you are a 2021 ticketholder, please read our FAQs for more information regarding
refunds, transfers, or gifting of your tickets. 

The story of WOW began more than thirty years ago and since then this much-loved homegrown arts company has become a global creative movement like no other. While this current chapter is incredibly challenging for us, it is by no means the end of the story. We will be back in 2022 and look forward to once again bringing artists and audiences together to celebrate creativity, possibility, and perseverance.

Performance dates & times

The 2022 WOW Awards Show season will run from Thursday 29 September – Sunday 16 October, 2022. The Show will take place at the TSB Arena, Wellington.

For the full calendar of performance dates and times, please see below.

If you have opted to transfer your 2021 tickets, all bookings will be transferred to the same (equivalent) performance week, day and time from your original 2021 booking to the 2022 Show.

For example: A booking for Saturday 9 October, 1.30pm 2021 is the Saturday matinee on Week 2. This booking will be transferred to the Saturday matinee on Week 2 in 2022: Saturday 8 October, 1.30pm 2022.

Show Season Calendar showing the 2021 and 2022 corresponding performance dates & times









   2021   30 Sep 7.30pm
Opening Night
1 Oct 7.30pm
Awards Night
2 Oct 7.30pm 3 Oct 5.00pm

29 Sep 7.30pm
Opening Night 

30 Sep 7.30pm
Awards Night
1 Oct 7.30pm 2 Oct 5.00pm


   2021   7 Oct 7.30pm 8 Oct 7.30pm 9 Oct 1.30pm
9 Oct 7.30pm

10 Oct 1.30pm
10 Oct 7.30pm

   2022   6 Oct 7.30pm 7 Oct 7.30pm 8 Oct 1.30pm
8 Oct 7.30pm

9 Oct 1.30pm
9 Oct 7.30pm


   2021 13 Oct 7.30pm 14 Oct 7.30pm 15 Oct 7.30pm 16 Oct 1.30pm
16 Oct 7.30pm


17 Oct 1.30pm

  2022 12 Oct 7.30pm 13 Oct 7.30pm 14 Oct 7.30pm 15 Oct 1.30pm
15 Oct 7.30pm

16 Oct 1.30pm

Ticket prices

Tickets for the 2022 World of WearableArt Awards Show will go on sale in early 2022. More information including the exact date and time is to be advised. 

Ticket Type

Stageside Experience








Restricted View


Terms and conditions apply to the purchase of tickets. Read terms and conditions click here.

*** Please ensure you purchase World of WearableArt Awards Show tickets via  If you have any queries regarding tickets please contact us at ***

Seating Plan 

Click below to view the Show seating plan for TSB Arena. 


“To attract and nurture creativity is the key to our future. WOW provides a stage for the innovators, inventors and original thinkers.” – Dame Suzie Moncrieff



236 Maiden Lane, Lynn Christiansen, United States; Lady Ethereal, Dawn Mostow & Snow Winters, United States; Chinese Opera – Drama Life, Chan Wai Tung, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong, China. Getty images.




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