The Residency Experience Award

Terms and Conditions:


  1. The Residency Experience Award is awarded to the designer that B. Akerlund deems to have demonstrated exceptional cutting-edge design in their work and the portfolio supplied.
  2. As the judge of this award, B. Akerlund’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. If a suitable candidate for the Award is not identified, the Award will not be given.
  4. All designers who reach finalist stage can apply for this Award. However, it is noted that this Award is likely to be more suited to an emerging or established designer with a collection of work available, as opposed to a designer at student level.
  5. Collection pieces must be available to be shown at The Residency Experience showroom in Los Angeles for a three-month period between October 2019 and December 2019. Exact timing will be mutually agreed between The Residency Experience and the winning designer. 
  6. Shipment of the selected collection pieces to and from The Residency Experience showroom in Los Angeles is the winning designer’s responsibility and will be at their cost.
  7. Ensuring appropriate insurance cover for the collection pieces selected to be shown is the winning designer’s responsibility.
  8. Neither WOW nor The Residency Experience will be liable for any loss or damage of collection pieces during the time they are being transported to, showcased at or returning from The Residency Experience showroom.
  9. The Residency Experience will liaise directly with the winner following the 2019 World of WearableArt Awards ceremony to make the necessary arrangements for the collection pieces to be shown at The Residency Experience showroom. WOW will maintain an overview of these discussions.
  10. The winner of this award will receive NZD5,000 in prize money and their garment will become part of WOW’s historical collection. WOW will deposit the NZD5,000 garment acquisition prize money into the bank account nominated by the winning designer.
  11. A payment of NZD2,500 will be made to the winning designer to allow them to either travel to and from Los Angeles to personally visit The Residency Experience showroom or to freight the collection items to and from Los Angeles. WOW will deposit the NZD2,500 payment into the bank account nominated by the winning designer on receipt of a copy of confirmation of either the flight booking for the winning designer’s Los Angeles visit or shipment costs for the collection items.
  12. The winning designer will need to make themselves available for any media and/or associated promotional activity relating to them winning the award as may be reasonably requested by WOW.