Below is a summary of common themes noted by the Competition department this year.  We hope this provides some useful guidance for designers when thinking about future entries.


2018 World of WearableArt Awards
Designer Feedback Summary:


Design Concept

  • Confused ideas; lack of clear concept; design lacking cohesion
  • Too many elements; less can be more with some garments



  • Interesting materials used but they were too fragile; falling off or breaking into pieces when unpacked and on first wearing
  • Unsafe materials with sharp edges protruding from garments that could scratch models e.g. wire, metals, wood, mirror
  • Garments not lined, sometimes with exposed wiring, creating health and safety issues
  • Garments poorly finished e.g. held together with masking tape, sewing pins, safety pins
  • Garments too heavy; impractical and unsafe for models to wear


Electrical Components

  • Exposed wiring and poorly secured electrical components creating safety issue for models


Visibility and Breathing

  • Hats and/or masks not providing clear vision for models, especially when considering stage environment i.e. under stage lights
  • Inadequate breathing space or ventilation provided in masks and headpieces



  • Unstable and unsafe for models to wear; height and balance of footwear needed further consideration


Trade Marks and Logos

  • Visible branding; did not adhere to the Competition terms and conditions


Bizarre Bra

  • Shape and form lacking
  • Bras too flat and one-dimensional; no room allowed for breast