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Mazda & WOW

Mazda and WOW have a shared passion for excellence in design and innovation. This common ground forms a natural alignment between the two brands and is the foundation of our partnership.

“Designing a car is an art form in itself and Mazda’s design expertise is driven by imagination and creativity to make world-leading automotive products and the KODO design philosophy which is throughout all of Mazda’s vehicles.

Mazda and WOW are built on the foundation of innovation, design and imagination. While the design features of a car are nowhere near as elaborate and fantastical as the WOW creations, the importance of imagination and innovative design are key and these qualities help to elevate Mazda’s vehicles into the realm of art.” David Hodge, Managing Director, Mazda NZ.

Mazda has been a major partner of World of WearableArt since 2017. In this time, together we have brought our partnership to life in engaging and experiential ways to connect and profile our brands.

In 2018, WOW celebrated its 30th anniversary show and to mark the occasion Mazda drove the first-ever WOW My Town road trip across New Zealand.

The road trip took three award-winning garments to towns around New Zealand and gave people the opportunity to see the works of wearable art up close. It was a special way of saying thank you to WOW’s designers, fans and audience who had supported WOW so loyally for the past 30 years.

Firebird, Susan Holmes, New Zealand  |  Princess Niwareka, Maria Tsopanaki & Dimitri Mavinis, United Kingdom |  The Stitch Witch, Sarah Seahorse & Luna Aquatica, Victoria University Australia

The vehicles were hard to miss, the Mazda CX-9 was adorned with a selection of striking images featuring award-winning garments from the last 29 years. David Hodge, Managing Director of Mazda New Zealand, said they felt privileged to celebrate this milestone by giving New Zealanders the opportunity to see what had been wowing audiences for 30 years.

“The synergy between the two brands is seamless, both are driven by imagination, creativity and excellence so when we got the opportunity to do something awesome to celebrate WOW’s 30th year, we were thrilled to be a part of it.” David Hodge, Managing Director of Mazda New Zealand

Driven by the award-winning Mazda CX-9 and Mazda6, the roadshow visited Auckland, Taupo, Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown from the 15 September – 24 September 2018, before fast tracking back to Wellington in time for the 2018 WOW Awards Show Opening Night. 

Click each image below to see video highlights from each of the stops along the WOW My Town journey







During the road trip, incredible photographic content was captured of the garments in iconic New Zealand locations and the public, designers and WOW fans shared their memories and what WOW means to them on video. 

Left image: WOW designers Karl and Erna Van Der Wat share what WOW means to them. | Right image: WOW fans capturing the moment in Queenstown.

At the end of the road trip the film featured in an installation at the WOW HUB on Wellington’s waterfront, where attendees and members of the public were able to immerse themselves in the journey.

WOW My Town was undoubtedly one of the highlights of WOW’s 30th anniversary celebrations. Mazda NZ were the driving force behind this activation, enabling us to take WOW to the home towns of many fans across New Zealand. Undertaking an activation on this scale is no mean feat and the energy, enthusiasm and support Mazda committed to WOW My Town was outstanding.

Mazda @ the WOW HUB

The WOW HUB is a fan zone where show goers and visitors gather together to soak up the atmosphere of the Show season. Performers provide pre-show entertainment, garments from WOW’s historical collection are on display for people to appreciate up close and the WOW shop offers a range of merchandise for sale.

Located directly outside the TSB Arena on the Wellington Waterfront, the WOW HUB captures the foot traffic of over 60,000 people who attend the Show in addition to those passing through the busy CBD. It is a prime space for profiling partnerships and for Mazda offers the opportunity to have a vehicle showcased for the duration of the Show season.

Each year we enjoy the opportunity to work with Mazda on a creative execution to immerse Mazda in the WOW HUB in an engaging way that people are compelled to capture and share.

We love how Mazda share our love of creativity and imagination to come up with something special for our WOW fans.


To celebrate the first year of our partnership, Mazda commissioned an art sculpture inspired by the 2017 WOW campaign hero garment Traditional Progress by Tsz Kwan, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong.

The sculpture adorned the Mazda CX-5 and took pride of place at the entrance to the WOW HUB during the 2017 Show season. 

At the end of the WOW Show Season the sculpture moved to Nelson where it was on display at the World of WearableArt & Classic Cars Museum and was later showcased at Mazda NZ’s Head Office in Auckland.

Left image: Mazda MX-5 and art sculpture on display at WOW Museum in Nelson.  |  Right image: Art sculpture showcased at Mazda HQ, Auckland.


In 2018, as part of WOW’s 30th celebrations Mazda and WOW took three award winning garments on the ultimate roadie around New Zealand. The road trip culminated in Wellington where the Mazda CX-9, wrapped in a selection of images of garments that spanned WOW’s 30 years, was on display. Memories of the road trip were shared on a diamond prism in the centre of the WOW HUB for visitors to enjoy during the Show season.


In 2019, WOW’s creative campaign featured four other worldly worlds inhabited by four incredible award winning garments.

Inspired by the creative, Mazda took up the challenge of bringing two of the four worlds to life on a Mazda CX-5 in a tactile 3D art form to feature in the WOW HUB. Aspects from the lush yellow fluffy world inhabited by Eye See You Fluffy Kōwhai by Tina Hutchison-Thomas of New Zealand featured on one side of the CX-5 while elements from the red spikey world of Foreign Bodies by Dawn Mostow and Ben Gould of the United States adorned the other side of the vehicle.

The yellow world of Eye See You Fluffy Kōwhai by Tina Hutchison-Thomas of New Zealand and the red world of Foreign Bodies by Dawn Mostow & Ben Gould of the United States were the inspirations for the tactile 3D art car.

The tactile art car was a creative and fun activation for WOW and Mazda. It was a big hit with visitors to the WOW HUB many of whom were drawn to touch the art work and capture photos of themselves, their friends and family to share on social media.

Art on Art: Mazda vehicle wrap

Each year Mazda and WOW collaborate to design a vehicle wrap, a moving billboard that profiles our partnership and promotes the WOW Awards Show in Wellington.

At show time our fleet of vehicles expands to enable the team involved in the Show to move around Wellington with ease, visibility and in style.



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