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Mainfreight sponsored freighting is available for WOW designers from selected New Zealand and international depots.

Freighting Options

So you have completed your entry and now you are considering how to get it from the living room floor to Nelson, New Zealand? Firstly don’t panic there are several ways you can safely deliver you entry to WOW® and have it arrive in pristine condition.

Designers are responsible for the costs of freighting their garment to and from World of WearableArt® in Nelson, New Zealand. There are several different ways to achieve this:

  1. Using the Mainfreight sponsored freighting deal
  2. Hand delivering your garment to the wardrobe team in Nelson (click Read More below for additional information)
  3. Using alternative freighting, courier or postal companies from your city or country. WOW® will return your garment using the cheapest method available, at your cost and will contact you in advance to arrange this.

For Hand Deliveries:

The wardrobe department is available to accept your garment Monday 18th June 2018, 10:00am – 5:00pm. Please make sure you sign in at The World of WearableArt™ museum reception, they will let wardrobe know to come and meet you.

If you are not able to deliver during these times, please contact the wardrobe team to make alternative arrangements. E-mail or telephone on 03 547 0864.

Mainfreight Sponsored Freighting

Mainfreight Limited supports designers by freighting their garments to and from the World of WearableArt® in Nelson FREE from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin* and with a small handling fee from selected depots in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

This is a great opportunity for designers and we hope that you are able to take advantage of it. Please make sure you are aware of the delivery dates as these have been chosen to allow enough time for your entry to travel to Nelson for the first judging.  Mainfreight can only offer sponsored freighting if your entry is delivered during the specified drop off dates.  

*The free freight offer from main centres is from the depots, not door to door.

*It is the designers’ responsibility to insure their property from the time of its dispatch through to its ultimate return.

For dates click on ‘

New Zealand Dates

Mainfreight Provincial Depot Drop Off Dates:
Friday 25 May – Friday 1 June 2018

Mainfreight Main Centres Drop Off Dates:
Thurs 24 May – Thurs 7 June 2018

International Dates 

US, UK & Netherlands: 
Mon 9 April – Mon 16 April 2018

Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore:
Mon 23 April – Mon 30 April 2018

New Zealand Mainfreight Depots

In addition to the free freighting to and from the 4 main collection depots to Nelson, Mainfreight offers a 20% discount off the standard freighting cost for entrants who live outside the main centres to send from your nearest collection depot to the closest main centre depot.

There are 28 depots around New Zealand – check out the Mainfreight website for information on your closest depot. This offer is not available outside of the specified dates.

Mainfreight Provincial Depot Drop Off Dates:
Friday 25 May – Friday 1 June 2018

Mainfreight Main Centres Drop Off Dates:
Thurs 24 May – Thurs 7 June 2018

Here are the main centre depots:



Mainfreight Lane, off Saleyards Road, Otahuhu

1-87 Aotea Quay, Pipitea

Phone: 09 259 5500

Phone: 04 816 5200

Attn: Robert Croft

Attn: John Holton or Stuart Thorn



25 Hayton Road, Wigram

Strathallan Street, South Dunedin

Phone: 03 348 4059

Phone:  03  455 1009

Attn: Debbie Blackburn or Laurie McMahon


International Mainfreight Depots

Sponsored freighting is available from a number of Mainfreight depots globally, during specific hand-in dates.  When using the sponsored freighting option, there is a small handling/customs fee which will be payable to the Mainfreight office when you drop off your garment; this fee includes the return of your garment to that depot.  In addition to this, if you don’t live near one of the participating depots but still want to use the sponsored freighting option, Mainfreight kindly offer a 25% discount off standard freighting costs when sending your entry to the nearest participating depots in Australia, the United States and Asia regions.

Information on the fees as follows: 


$200 AUD

United States

$200 USD


€200 EUR

United Kingdom

£200 GBP

China & Hong Kong

$200 USD (local currency equivalent)


$200 USD (local currency equivalent)


$200 USD (local currency equivalent)

The hand in dates are:

United States, United Kingdom & Netherlands: 
Mon 9 April – Mon 16 April 2018

Australia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan & Singapore:
Mon 23 April – Mon 30 Apr 2018

The Mainfreight depots offering sponsored freighting and their contact details are listed below:

Mainfreight Air & Ocean, 1767 Botany Rd, Banksmeadow, NSW 2019
Tel: 02 9384 7900, Fax: 02 9384 7999
Attn: Joanne Mani
Mainfreight Air & Ocean, 154 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine VIC 3043
Tel: 03 9933 5039
Attn: Bronte Houston
Mainfreight Air & Ocean – 63A Lavarack Ave, Eagle Farm, Brisbane, QLD 4009
Tel: 07 3638 3900, Fax: 07 3638 3999
Attn: Joe Castellana
Carotrans International Inc, 18 West 100 22nd Street, Suite #100, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
Ph: 630 705 4800
Attn: David Valadez
Los Angeles / San Francisco
Carotrans International Inc, 18710 South Wilmington, Suite#100, Rancho, Dominguez, CA 90220
Ph: 310 631 4087
Attn: Trisha Maahs
Carotrans International Inc, 2200 Broening Hwy Ste 201, Baltimore, MD, 21224
Ph: 410-631-5240 ext 203
Attn: Michelle Allison
New York 
Carotrans AZ East Container Freight, 2001 Lower Road, Linden, NJ 07036
Ph: +1 908 787 1000
Attn: Rosaura Candelario
Hong Kong 
Mainfreight International Logistics (HKG) Co Ltd, Units 7-10, 8F, Tower 1,
Millenium City 1, No 388 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon
Ph:  22648188
Attn: Sherman Yuen or Gary Lau
Email: or
Mainfreight International Logistics (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Floor 10, City Point Mansion,
No 1600, Zhong Hua Road, Shanghai, China
Tel: 021 63736699 *1016 or *888
Attn: Joan Ji or Caroline Ding
Mainfreight Air & Ocean Kaohsiung
Mobile  + 886 978 118 160
DDI  + 886 7536 8115
Attn :  Joyce Huang (O/F Manager)
Email :
Mainline Global Logistics PTE Ltd, 7 Airline Road, #01-19, Cargo Agents Building E,
Singapore 819834
Ph: +65 6645 9528
Attn: Hy Goh
United Kingdom 
Mainfreight UK Ltd, Unit 4, Nexus Close, Central Way, Feltham, TW14 0AF
Ph: + 44 203 873 7644
Attn: Bradley Russell
Mainfreight BV, Waalhaven O.Z. 77  (5th Floor), NL – 3087 BM Rotterdam
Ph: + 31 6 1331 6604
Attn: Ronald Den Held or Jasper Plugge
Email: or

International Freight

Please note that international designers who do not send their garments to New Zealand via Mainfreight will need to pay for the return shipping of their garment.

Small garments may be cheaper to send to and from NZ via your local postal services rather than by Mainfreight, due to the handling and customs fees payable.

Some specific conditions for international designers to follow when sending garments to New Zealand are:

  • If using Mainfreight, packed garments should not exceed more than 1 cubic metre in volume. This can be made up of more than one box as garments packed firmly in smaller boxes are much safer than those loosely packed in oversized boxes. Please note that if boxes are over 1 cubic meter there may be additional fees incurred.

  • When filling out your documentation please ensure you mark the box containing your garment with ”Temporary Exhibit Only. Not for retail sale” and use a nominal value for your garment (eg. Less than AUD $100 or US $150). Please note that this is not a reflection of the true value of your garment, it is merely for customs purposes – you may insure your garment to any value. Mark your garment as ‘Deliver Duty Paid’. Garments not sent with a nominal value will incur additional customs charges, payable by you, the designer, before the garment is released into New Zealand. This will delay the garment’s arrival in Nelson.

  • When shipping to New Zealand ensure that the contents plus any biological material are fully declared on the package and customs declaration. All costs must be covered by the designer. Visit the Ministry for Primary Industries’ website for more information on importing your garment into New Zealand visit If you have a specific query you can also email or phone +64 9 909 3030 (option 6).
  • Before entering a garment that uses animal or plant products, establish whether the products are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
  • Ensure that your entry is accompanied by the necessary export documentation from the CITES authority in the country of origin.
  • Please print and use the official address label generated as part of the online entry process to ship your garment. Designers must complete the required documentation and pay a documentation fee that covers a customs clearance and return handling fee.  If using Mainfreight please pay your fee to the depot where you deliver your garment.
  • It is the designers’ responsibility to insure their property from the time of its dispatch through to its ultimate return.

Freighting Your Garment

Here are some points to note before you freight your garment to us:

  1. Ensure your garment is packaged carefully and is easily transportable. Do not send in heavy packaging such as wooden boxes or old wardrobes.
  2. Designers are responsible for packaging garments securely as if the garments were being couriered separately.
  3. Garments packed firmly in smaller boxes are much safer than those loosely packed in over-sized boxes.
  4. It is the designers’ responsibility to insure their property from the time of its dispatch through to its ultimate return.
  5. Boxes must have a return address clearly marked. Please note your garment may not return in the same box, therefore please make sure we have clear documentation showing your return address.
  6. Photographs and relevant details on how the garment is to be worn and how to put it on MUST be included.
  7. Unselected NZ entries will be returned to designers by 30 September. Unselected international entries will be returned to Mainfreight’s Auckland depot by 30 September if sent using the sponsored freight offer.
  8. Selected NZ entries will be returned to designers by 31 January with the exception of garments temporarily retained for display in the World of WearableArt® Gallery in Nelson, New Zealand. Selected international entries sent using Mainfreight’s sponsored freight offer and not temporarily retained will be returned to Mainfreight’s Auckland depot by 31 January.

Calculating Cubic Meterage

Designers using Mainfreight sponsorship are allowed more than one box but should not exceed a total cubic meterage of 1.0 cubic meters. If boxes are over 1.0 cubic meters there may be additional fees incurred.

To calculate cubic meterage, measure your garment (when firmly packaged) in meters and multiply length x width x depth.

For example:

Box 1: 0.8m length x 0.6m width x 0.35m cubic meter = .168 cubic meters
Box 2: 1.3m length x 0.85m width x 0.55m cubic meter = .607 cubic meters Total cubic meterage:
Box 1 + Box 2 = .775 cubic meters

Do you need help freighting your entry?

If you need any further assistance with freighting details, please contact the Wardrobe Department:

Email or telephone on +64 3 547 0864.

We wish you all the best with your entry in the World of WearableArt® Awards Show and look forward to seeing your wonderful works of art. 

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