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The Emperor’s Entourage

The Emperor’s Entourage

Mike Ward

New Zealand

2005 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2005 Open Section Winner
















A commentary on the impact of fashion – from the front we see what the mirror sees when they put on the glad rags, from behind we see them as they are in all their plump gorgeousness.


Painted canvas







More about the garment and the designer

Mike Ward is an artist from Nelson, New Zealand who has been entering the World of WearableArt Awards Competition since 2001. He has had over 20 finalist garments selected for the Awards Show, four of his entries were award-winners.

The Emperor’s Entourage consists of two large wearable canvasses and is a play on the Hans Christian Anderson tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. The front depicts what the wearer sees in the mirror when they dress up in their glad rags, but from behind we see them as they are ‘in all their plump gorgeousness.’


















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