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Gillian Saunders

New Zealand

2016 Supreme WOW Award Winner

2016 Avant-garde Section Winner















Supernova was inspired by the texture and colours of Thierry Mugler’s Chimera dress and the iridescent spiny fins of the Hippocampus from the Percy Jackson movie The Sea of Monsters and some incredible N.A.S.A images taken by the Hubble telescope. Once all these elements were combined Supernova was brought to life. The large gems represent new stars being born and the dark shadows represent deep space.


Watch Supernova on stage and hear from designer Gillian Saunders


Made from recycled leather, gems, marker pen ink. Each scale was individually cut, shaded with marker pens and then hand sewn onto the garment. Each gem had its sticky backing removed and then glued on by hand.







Judges’ Comments

Supernova was praised for the design innovation, the construction quality and vibrant stage presence in performance.























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