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Be inspired by the Architecture Section in the 2021 World of WearableArt Awards. On this page you’ll find a set of resources we have put together to inspire and provide a jumping-off point for your 2021 entry. 


WOW rewards the curious, the courageous and those who are passionate enough to stand in the face of self-doubt and embrace creativity no matter the cost.

– Dame Suzie Moncrieff, WOW Founder




Put your unique touch on the concept of architecture in the 2021 World of WearableArt Awards. Take the Section theme, and push it further! Explore the limits of your imagination, tell a story through your design and create something that challenges the conventional. Focus on originality, authenticity and artistry when developing your garment, and consider your construction and choice of materials.

Bring us the extraordinary.

Find out more about what the judges are looking for in a World of WearableArt garment here: What are the judges looking for?

– Heather Palmer, Competition Director




Previous entries:

The 2015 and 2008 World of WearableArt Awards featured Architecture Sections. Be inspired by the creations below but remember the judges are looking for a garment that will surprise them and demonstrates design from a fresh perspective that they haven’t seen before.


Diva’s Dreamscape
Dance with Death
Mechanical Revolution

Peter Wakeman
New Zealand


2015 Architecture Section Winner

Wang Jiefei
Donghua University, China


2015 Architecture Section Second

Luo Fan
Donghua University, China


2015 Architecture Section Third


Conversations with Guggenheim
Wooden Dresses
The Structure of Beauty: Aotearoa

Rodney Leong
New Zealand


2008 Architecture Section Winner

Liina Gruener
United States


2008 Architecture Section Second

Mitsuko Makino


2008 Architecture Section Third


Feeling inspired? What’s your next step?