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2023 Competition – Entering the Comp

Entering the Competition

World of WearableArt is about taking art and adorning the body so considerations around the human form and using the body as a foundation should be central to your design. To enter the World of WearableArt Awards Competition you need to create a complete garment. Please also note that drawings and sketches will not be accepted. An entry can be comprised of up to three garments if you wish.

You can start making your garment at any stage, some designers will work on an entry for years, whilst others start on their entry when the Competition opens that year. Simply choose which section theme/s most inspire you and get creating! Every entrant needs to first register as a designer to create a profile. Once you have created your designer profile you then complete the online entry process by logging in and following the three steps, during this process you will be asked to provide the following: 

  • Personal details and a bio
  • Your garment name
  • A list of the main materials used in creating your garment
  • Four full length photographs (minimum) of your completed garment
  • A short inspiration (a brief description of the inspiration behind your garment)
  • A long inspiration (expand on the detail given in your short inspiration)

Design teams are welcome to enter a garment together, teams can comprise up to three designers. Each team is asked to nominate a lead designer to complete the online entry process and is the main point of contact, however all designers in a team need to register individually to create their designer profile.

What to consider when creating a work of wearable art

While there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when creating your work of wearable art, here’s what you need to know before you get started: 

  • Wearability: Your garment must be safe to wear and allow the model to see clearly, breathe and move easily while wearing
  • Use of Branding: The use of trade marks, logos or brands is prohibited
  • Materials: You may not use perishable materials, unless properly treated
  • Garment dimensions: Your garment must be no more than 3 metres in height or length, and must be able to enter and exit the stage via a 1.5m wide, 12-degree ramp. Once onstage, the garment may extend or expand in size but must be able to retract and exit the stage safely. 
  • Judging Criteria: Consider what the judges are looking for in a garment. Click here to learn more about the judging criteria.
  • Time Management: Make sure you build in time for deadlines, for example photographing your garments, freighting your garment. Plan backwards from the deadlines we have supplied*

Garments must be made to fit within the following sizes and dimensions:

Female Dimensions

Male Dimensions

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