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2021 Competition – Call for Entries

The 2021 World of WearableArt Awards Competition
is now open

It’s time to get started, the online entry process is open!

Anyone intending to enter the World of WearableArt Awards needs to first register to receive a unique designer number.  This number is generated by our database and will be required to complete the online entry process. Your designer number stays the same every year and you are not required to register again. Please read through this page of information and at the bottom click the link to register as a designer.

The Online Entry Process

Once you have registered as a designer you will have your own designer profile which you can log in to at any time. To submit an entry to the Competition, simply log in to your designer profile and make your way through the online entry process. This process consists of three steps that require you to supply various information by the relevant deadline. Read more about each step in detail below.

Step 1: Intention to Enter

Step 2: Preselection

Step 3: Complete & Submit Entry

Your Entry Deadlines

Below you can download and print out the relevant entry deadlines document for you. Read through these deadlines and start planning your creation timeline accordingly. 

Please note: A first-time entrant is a designer who has never had an entry selected as a finalist for a WOW Awards Show.


If the answers below haven’t addressed a question that you have, please first read the Competition Terms & Conditions, which contain a lot of information about entering the Competition and garment requirements. If these still do not address your query please contact us.

Is there an entry fee?

Is there an age restriction?

Am I an International or a New Zealand entrant?

Can I submit more than one entry in the Competition?

Can I submit a sketch or drawing?

Am I eligible for the Student Innovation Award?

I am a student/first-time entrant but my design partner is not, is our entry eligible for the Student Innovation Award/First-time Entrant Award?

Why can't I log in to start the online entry process?

Why can't I upload my photos or video?

Is it compulsory that I attend the World of WearableArt Awards Show if my entry is selected?

How do designers book tickets to the Awards Show?

Contact the Team

The World of WearableArt team are here to support you on your journey through the world of WOW. 

Feel free to reach out to the appropriate member of staff listed below should you have any queries or questions.


Heather Palmer

Competition Director

Kat Sprowell

Head of Competition
& Business Affairs

For inquiries relating
to design concepts,
section and garment

For inquiries relating
to terms and 
conditions, section 
and garment criteria,
tertiary partners and
general queries


Leonie Trathen

Wardrobe Operations 
& Garment Logistics Manager

Vicky Crocker

Marketing Executive – 
Competition & Digital Strategy

For inquiries relating
to the online entry
process, packaging
and freighting

For inquiries relating
to judging results 
designer stories and
profiling, media and
digital activity



Ready to go? Your first step is to register as a designer!



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