WOW - World of WearableArt

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Dame Suzie Moncrieff

WOW Founder

Heather Palmer

Competition Director

+64 (3) 547 0861

If you would like to discuss your WOW Design Competition entry (what section to enter, ideas or your design itself) – please contact Heather. 

Gisella Carr

Chief Executive

Kat Sprowell

Competition & Business Affairs Manager

+64 (3) 928 0288

For general information regarding the WOW Design Competition, please contact Kat. 

Donna Ching-Tregidga

Head of Marketing & Strategy

+64 (3) 547 0865

For information on marketing and sponsorship opportunities with WOW please contact Donna.

Di Buckingham

Ticketing Supervisor

+64 (3) 547 0859

For all enquiries about tickets and show information please contact Di.

Leonie Trathen

Wardrobe Manager

+64 (3) 547 0864

For general enquiries about the WOW Historical Collection, Wardrobe/WOW Awards Show or for technical advice on your garment and packing it safely for transit, please contact Leonie.

Kate Ruffell

Wardrobe Administrator

+64 (3) 547 0864

For assistance with the WOW Design Competition online entry process or freighting your entry, please contact Kate.

Rose Morrison

Wardrobe Technician

+64 (3) 547 0864

Bethany Wilson

Wardrobe Assistant

+64 (3) 547 0864

Bethany provides support in all areas of wardrobe and garment care.

Leanne McKenzie

Accounting Technician

+ 64 (3) 547 0850

For accounts payable and receivable please contact Leanne.

Hayley Hoskins

Senior Administrator/ EA to Chief Executive

+64 (3) 547 0851

For general enquiries about World of WearableArt Ltd, please contact Hayley.

Rosetta Ciminiello

Cafe Manager


For information on menus and opening hours please contact Rosetta.

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