To assist the judges with making the best possible assessment of each entry at Preselection stage, designers are now able to provide a short video showing their garment from all angles.


It is not compulsory to provide a video but we do encourage all designers to submit a video if possible.


Garment Video Guidelines

The video should capture your completed entry being modelled from all angles – front, back and both side views; the judges need to be able to see the full-length of your garment, from head-to-toe.

We’ve created the guide below to demonstrate what your video may look like.  

Keep your video simple and make sure your garment is presented clearly throughout.



If your garment has a specific conceal/reveal element, or if it is important for your garment to move in a certain way, feel free to include these movements in the video. If there are any movement restrictions please make this clear in this video.


Please note: you may only provide one video as part of your entry.


Video Format Requirements

File Format: MP4 or MOV only | File Size: 25MB maximum

Video Duration: 15 seconds maximum


How to submit your video:

You will be able to upload your video when completing Step 2 of the online entry process.

Should you have any issues when uploading the video, please email Angela Fisk, Competition Coordinator.