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How does the WOW entry process work?

When are entries due?

What are the competition rules?

Is there an entry fee?

Is there an age restriction?

What are the key competition dates for 2018?

What is pre-selection? Do I need to do it?

When does pre-selection close online?

Why can't I log in to the online entry process?

How do we enter as a design team?

What are the measurements required for my garment?

Am I an international or a New Zealand entrant?

Why can’t I upload my photographs?

Can I submit a sketch or drawing?

My garment is not finished, can I still submit it for pre-selection?

I am a student but my design partner is not, is our entry eligible for the Student Innovation Award?

I studied 10 years ago, am I eligible for the Student Innovation Award?

Is it compulsory that I attend the WOW Awards Show if my entry is selected?

How do designers book tickets to the WOW Awards Show?