Each year, competition entries from all over the world are received in Nelson. It is not unusual for a garment to have multiple components.

We know how much time, effort and passion can go into creating a garment for WOW so it is imperative that we do your entry justice and present it correctly. Concise and clear dressing instructions, assisted by well labelled components, will direct the wardrobe team and WOW dressers as to how your garment should be worn.

To help our wardrobe team, dressers, models present your amazing wearable art design to the world, please consider this list of tips.

Dressing Instructions

List the components of your garment in the most logical order that they go onto the body. Headpieces and shoes will generally be dressed last, but this of course does not apply to every garment! Please be clear as to the order.

Please advise on dressing techniques in your instructions. This is particularly important if there is a trick or an unapparent way to dress the components of your garment. 

Photographing your garment in stages, as each component is dressed, can be a clear and quick way to show the dressing order without having to use too many words.

Please include full-length, colour photographs of your completed garment from all angles – the front, both sides and the back. Please ensure all photographs are in focus.


Labelling Instructions

Please include:

  • The Garment name
  • The Section you entered
  • The Designer(s) name

Remember labels are not removed for the show so they need to be permanently in a place that is not visible when worn.

The label is permanent; please stitch or iron on where possible. Do not attach your label with pins or staples. This is not a permanent solution and, more crucially, this is not safe for our models and dressers.

If your entry consists of more than one garment requiring two or three models, please label each garment like this: Model 1 of 3; Model 2 of 3; Model 3 of 3 and use these same indicators in your dressing instructions. This applies to each component of each garment for each model.

Standard school clothing label kits provide labels that are a good size and easy to read.

Please remember when naming your shoes to put the label on the inside of the shoe and not on the under sole as this can be seen when the model walks across the stage.

Attach the label to the center back of each component where possible.

If you have components that look similar you could use clear wording such as ‘right arm,’ and ‘left arm.’

If you have a specific query about your entry please email Angela Fisk, Competition Coordinator, angela@worldofwearableart.com